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Posted by Amanda Wencel on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Panic often hits when job/career changes happen!

How will I afford my bills?  What if no one will hire me?  Will I ever feel fulfilled in my job?

Consider new graduates out of college/university, employees working for the same company for eighteen years and being laid off, or those taking time off to raise families.  Some people have a job, but feel disheartened that they are not accomplishing their goals as quickly as they thought they would.  Others are desperate for a change, to find that career that will provide them with a sense of worth...but where to turn?

All that self-doubt and discouragement paralyzes you - just don't know where to start.  We often quickly put together a resume and send it to whatever job posting looks like a possibility - I call it firing off resumes and hoping they stick to a job.

Take a step back, a deep breath and hit the re-start button!  The most critical activity to successful career planning is to take time to do self-assessment first.  We would never think of taking an expensive vacation without mapping out how we will reach our destination. We would never make a big purchase without researching the product.  Self-assessment is the map that will lead you to make the BEST DECISION, not just ANY DECISION.

Why is it so hard to look at ourselves and find the positives, the accomplishments, the strengths?  Is it because we have been taught not to boast about ourselves?  Is it because we truly can't find those aspects, due to low self-esteem? 

In my coaching experience working with a variety of individuals from all levels of employment, I have noticed that people just don't know how successful they have really been.  When I ask the question of my clients, "Give me some experiences in your career that you feel most proud of", there begins the awkward shuffling of feet, averting of eyes, red-faced embarrassment.

One client in particular had been in the same field for over 5 years, but had not achieved employment at her desired organization.  She had even interviewed there before, but had never been successful in obtaining a position.  As we talked, she would say things like "well...I can think of a time, but it's not very significant" or "I don't think this will likely matter, but I'll tell you about this time when...".  As she told me these so-called "insignificant" stories, I was amazed at the breadth of knowledge, experience and heart for her clients that she had.   She just couldn't see it. 

Self-assessment is your key to success! Here are some great self-assessment websites to help you get started!  If you need some professional assistance, I would be pleased to assist you in mapping out your successful job search.  

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Myers Briggs Testing


"If our beliefs are in any way self-limiting or self-sabotaging, they will present a barrier to our success."[1] 


[1] Perry Zeus & Suzanne Skiffington, The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work, (McGraw-Hill Australia:2000) p.207.



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Self-Assessment - the Starting Point by Amanda Wencel

Panic often hits when job/career changes happen!

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